All the Fuss about Data

We have all been now made aware on how our data is being utilized. The lack of privacy that our lives have, once we engage with the outside world and moreover, the benefits companies are getting from such data. So, what is all this fuss?

As individuals we want our private lives to be made public, to what we believe are just our niche of friends on Facebook or followers on Instagram, yet the reality is that we all sign up to terms and conditions which explicitly note the fact that anything placed within the particular platforms does not remain our own property. We all get the benefit of such platforms being offered to us free of charge, yet we want to retain our rights on what we have ourselves published. Although privacy and data regulations exist to protect how and when our data is utilized, which is in fact noted on any new game we decide to engage on, over social media or any website we browse, the majority of people out there, still feel stripped off of their own privacy. The simplest rule is to simply not publish anything, you feel uncomfortable being utilized by others. In this era, we publish our wedding photos, our children's first portrait, what we are doing and where we had lunch, 2 days ago.

The simple truth is that companies are only using your data to understand trends, likes and customs. We, as data scientists, need to gauge what the general public looks for, what certain segments of the population want to play or what is most likely to be successful as the next social media platform. Once these trends are gathered and analyzed, you, the audience who argue that you do not want your "private" data, which you put out there, to not be utilized, will benefit from new games, platforms, food and clothing, which will become a success.

Should you wish to remain anonymous in today's world, you may wish to stop all subscriptions you have, stop the utilization of any voucher or discount cards, never use any credit card, not use any kind of social media and within the next couple of years, you will also be house-bound, as our cities will become smart cities, collecting all our data, to help us live in a better world.

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