The quick and easy way to set-up a business

Any business starts off with a concept or idea. For it to take off, this idea needs to be transformed into action. This can be considered by many, as the most difficult part of any business. As much as it may require work with no immediate monetary return, once you keep on going, it becomes easier. Breaking up the big goal into small tasks, can turn actions into something which is easier to tackle.

  1. WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN - Create a concise business plan, which contains all of the goals and objectives of the business. The basic strategies and a basic business plan, would also help at this stage. This will help you keep track of the initial ideas and continue building on them. 
  2. CREATE AND RESERVE YOUR BUSINESS NAME AND WORK ON A WEBSITE - Be unique. Make sure you stand out. Moreover, securing a URL will bring more business. Regardless on if this business wants to reach the national or international market, this is a step, which every business is bound to take.
  3. SET A SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE - Your customers want to be constantly kept up-to-date without having to do all of the work. Having such a presence, will give them just that. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, amongst others, are essential. 
  4. WORK ON A BUDGET - Starting a business can be a financial burden, especially if no investment is sought. Each and every business needs to be set with profitability in mind. It is always recommended that costs are kept as low as possible. Seeking crowdfunding is a new concept, which many new start-ups have been very successful with. Some personal favourites include Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Experiment.

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